Decapitated Dan
Decapitated Dan Royer is a horror comic journalist living in Illinois. He has been covering horror comics since 2009. He hosts two podcasts; Discussions with Decapitated Dan and Tales From the Water Cooler. Dan is affiliated with numerous websites, most notably Fromthe Tomb Magazine, Comic Related and ComicAttack.net and it is on these sites that you can find all of his columns, reviews and audio shows.

Mike Howlett 
Mike Howlett is a life long horror comic geek turned comic-historian living in Boston.  He is the author of The Weird World of Eerie Publications (Feral House) and has written for Comic Buyer’s Guide, Famous Monsters, Vintage Guitar and many horror fanzines.

Denise Dutton
Denise Kitashima Dutton is a horror fan that has been reviewing books and movies for various websites, including Geek for e, Green Man Review, Sleeping Hedgehog and Atomic Popcorn.  You can find links to all her reviews at Atomic Fangirl, where she does a yearly "31 in 31" horror movie countdown every October.  Denise doesn't like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain.

Daniel Viney
Dan is a technologist, surfer, vintage comics collector and is shamelessly addicted the creepy, cold sensation of his hair standing on end.  Dan joined the Ghastly Awards Judges in 2014 as a lifelong fan of horror comics, spine-chilling films, macabre art, the paranormal & the supernatural.

James Ferguson
James Ferguson is a horror, comics, and horror comics fan found in the suburbs of New York.  He reviews books with pictures for HorrorTalk.  When he's not reading funny books, he's eating cookies or being generally disgruntled on Twitter. 


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