Decapitated Dan - www.decapitateddan.com
Decapitated Dan Royer is a horror comic journalist living in Illinois. He has been covering horror comics since 2009. He hosts two podcasts; Discussions with Decapitated Dan and Tales From the Water Cooler. Dan is affiliated with numerous websites, most notably FromtheTombMagazine.tk, ComicRelated.com and ComicAttack.net and it is on these sites that you can find all of his columns, reviews and audio shows.

Mike Howlett - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Weird-World-of-Eerie-Publications
Mike Howlett is a life long horror comic geek turned comic-historian living in Boston.  He is the author of The Weird World of Eerie Publications (Feral House) and has written for Comic Buyer’s Guide, Famous Monsters, Vintage Guitar and many horror fanzines.

Belinda "Spaced" McNeill - www.twitter.com/Spaced4SimonPeg
It all started with a girl going for a midnight wim and being attacked by a great white shark that sparked Spaced's love of horror. When she is not busy convincing people that the horror genre is more than just slasher and zombies movies she is part of the Nerd Girls Eye View on www.comicrelated.com where she dispenses horror news, reviews and custom recommendations for horror beginners. She is currently preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse with a smile on her face.

Lonnie Nadler - www.Bloody-Disgusting.com
Hailing from the wonderful White North of Canada, Lonnie Nadler (better known as Lonmonster) recently graduated with a B.A. in Philosophy and English Literature from McGill University. Lonmonster is currently an editor and columnist at Bloody-Disgusting.com, where he covers horror comic news, reviews, interviews, and more. Aside from his work on horror comics, he also has a love for horror films and does media coverage at various film festivals. Lonnie writes and illustrates his own independent zines, and has illustrated for various publications. He dislikes the sun and soft fabrics.

Bree Ogden - www.agentbree.wordpress.com
Bree is a literary agent, graphic novel instructor, beekeeper, and bearded-lady tamer. She co-founded, curates, and edits the darkly macabre and often times sickeningly disgusting children’s magazine Underneath The Juniper Tree. When she is not corrupting her nieces and nephews with horror films well before their time, she’s convincing the neighborhood children that yes, monsters do exist, and yes, they will chow you in your sleep.

Ghastly Award Staff

Steve Banes, aka "Karswell" has spent nearly half a decade scaring the pants off the world wide web with his Rondo nominated blog The Horrors of it All. Currently assisting with and co-editing Craig Yoe's Chilling Archives of Horror book series, he occasionally resurrects his devil rock band Sons of Black Mass (of which he is the singer / guitarist) for shows in and around the STL area.

Pedro Cabezuelo - http://www.rue-morgue.com/
Pedro Cabezuelo lives in Toronto, Canada and has been collecting comics for well over 30 years although it wasn't until he read Alan Moore's groundbreaking Swamp Thing run in the mid-80s that he realized how much fun horror could be. Since then he's immersed himself in comics, books, toys, movies and television programs dealing with the macabre. A PR professional by day, at night he exorcises his inner demons by writing the monthly comics column for Rue Morgue Magazine, a post he's inhabited - on and off and on again - since the magazine's launch in 1997. Follow him on Twitter @PCabezuelo

Rachel Deering is a comic writer and letterer living in Columbus, OH. Her fascination with horror began at age 8 when her uncle gave her a stack of old Warren magazines. After reading those putrid periodicals cover to cover until they were falling apart, she decided to devote her life to making her own horror comics. Nowadays you can find her toiling in the depths of her home office, cranking out issue after icky issue of her horror series, ANATHEMA!

Denise Dutton - www.atomicfangirl.com
Denise Kitashima Dutton is a horror fan that has been reviewing books and movies for various websites, including Geek for e, Green Man Review, Sleeping Hedgehog and Atomic Popcorn.  You can find links to all her reviews at Atomic Fangirl, where she does a yearly "31 in 31" horror movie countdown every October.  Denise doesn't like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain.

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