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An electric kettle is an electronic appliance used for heating any liquid such as water or tea. It is a smart and faster way to do your boiling work without even any hassle of utensils. There are various kinds of electric kettles available in the market, depending upon the price you will pay.

One of the most important things by looking for best electric kettle is its capacity and the materials. There might be a reason one might be confused if it is a good purchase or not, so we are here to tell you some advantages and disadvantages of buying an electric kettle.


1. Electric kettle helps you to boil your water instantly without any hassle of utensils. It can be used easily through its electronic plate. It comes with various designs and capacities. If you are a student and don’t own a home and live in a hostel, this might be an excellent purchase for you because it can help you boil water quickly.

2. Electric kettle comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it easier to use and carry around. Various brands use transparent materials on it that makes it attractive even as a centerpiece object. The design helps it to store more water efficiently.

3. It’s easy to use feature gets it to various shopping carts. It comes with a handle and looks like a jug—a jug that can heat up instantly and by itself.

4. Electric kettle comes with an attractive design, which can also be an advantage point towards its purchase because it can make your kitchen look more professional and elegant.

5. Electric kettle comes with multiple usages, such as making tea or soup. There are various other ways you can cook in it, but we won’t recommend cooking those.

7. Electric kettle also comes with various handy features such as automated on and off switch. Let’s suppose you forget to switch it off. There is no need to worry because multiple companies provide you with an automatic feature that will switch the electric kettle off over a pointed temperature.


1. If you are buying and cheap quality electric kettle, we want to suggest its cheaper material and careless design. The electric kettle has direct connectivity between water and electricity, and these both are some of the most dangerous things one might even think.

2. Electric kettle requires connectivity with electricity, which means you cannot use it on your trips or a place without electricity. It requires a constant electrical supply.

3. Electric kettles are more comfortable to use but are also easier to catch fire, so one should be careful while using one.


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