Homemade Mosquito Repellent That Works

Camping and outdoor dining area a few fun-filled activities that everyone loves to perform. Who doesn’t like camping in the jungle or plain fields with the clear sky? But the only thing that is going outdoors at night that annoys most of us is the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes are naturally present in the jungles and open areas, where there are puddles of water or natural sources of filth. Most of the time, you’ll get mosquito bites on your body, and that will disturb your peaceful camping experience with your kids. Not just the bites, these mosquitoes usually cause the diseases like Malaria and Dengue, which are not good at all.

So, it’s highly essential to stay safe from mosquitoes when you can see in nature’s habitat. Nowadays, we can see mosquitoes in urban areas due to pollution and the filth around us. That’s why you should stay safe from the mosquitoes and wear the mosquito repellant on the body. Most of the mosquito repellant products in the market are nothing but chemical composition. Though, there are a few mosquito killers available in the market like buzzb-gone, but they are very costly. If you have allergies to any of the chemicals, you may not be able to use the same on your skin. Fortunately, nature has the answer for the same, and we are listing some of the best homemade mosquito repellents that work perfectly. You can find almost all of the ingredients easily in your home or the market. So, prepare your homemade mosquito repellant for your peaceful camping and jungle safari nights.

mosquito repel

Homemade Mosquito Repellants

There are a lot of natural ingredients which will help you get the mosquito repellent effects. There is no need to use the chemically made repellents that are harsh for your skin if used for a long time. Here are a few great natural and homemade mosquito repellents that will work perfectly fine.

#1 – Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil smells very nice and provides a soothing effect. But the Eucalyptus oil works as a mosquito repellant and also as a deodorant. So, it’s always better to have the eucalyptus oil handy for applying on your skin. Directly applying the oil to your skin might make it pretty stronger. So, you should mix it with the carrier oil. In a spray bottle, add nearly 5-10 ML of eucalyptus oil with the carrier oils like the coconut oil and mix it thoroughly. Spray it gently on your skin, and you are ready to roll without fearing the mosquitoes.

#2 – Citronella Oil and Alcohol

Citronella is the best thing that repels the mosquitoes. None of the small insects go near the Citronella plant. That’s why most commercial mosquito repellents have the essence of Citronella or citronella oil in the composition. As this is the time of the pandemic, it’s always better to have to rub alcohol to sanitize our hands and body parts. So, you should take Citronella oil and mix it with rubbing alcohol or any non-smelling sanitizer to make it into the mosquito repellant. This recipe works perfectly fine in repelling the mosquitoes and all other annoying insects from biting you. If you are sensitive to alcohol, then make sure to replace the same with Sesame oil or coconut oil as it is non-reacting and will moisturize your skin.

#3 – Epsom Salt and Mouthwash Spray

If you are tired of having many mosquitoes in your backyard, you can take certain measures to control their habitats. With the Epsom Salt ( Magnesium Sulphate ) and your regular mouthwash spray, you can easily control the mosquitoes in your backyard. All you have to do is to take one liter of water, add one teaspoon of Epsom Salt, and a little bit of Mouthwash into the same. Mix this well and spray it onto your lawn and all of the trees. The Epsom Salt works as the fertilizer for the plants and also repels all of the mosquitoes. So, instead of applying it to the skin, you can spray it all around your backyard to reduce or kill all the mosquitoes and insects.

#4 – Vinegar and Baking Soda Mixture

Urban people have less chance of going outside or owning the backyard. But, the chances of them getting irritated by the mosquitoes are pretty high. To fix the same, you should combine Vinegar and Baking Soda in the plate or deep dish and keep it in your room. The mixture will attract the mosquitoes and other insects in your room, and they will drown in the same. Make sure to keep all your windows and doors in the house closed to get rid of all the mosquitoes. It’s not technically the mosquito repellant but a homemade mosquito killer.

#5 – Neem Oil

Neem Oil is a natural insect repellent. It’s a natural ingredient and used in agriculture as an insecticide and fungicide. As it’s a natural product, it doesn’t have any side effects on humans. So, take the Neem tree essential oil and mix it with the carrier oil. Almond or Coconut oil works best as the carrier oil. Mix 5ML of Neem oil with 100ML of Carrier oil and mix it well. After that, take a small amount of the same and apply it to the exposed part of the skin. This excellent homemade mosquito repellant will provide all-around protection for more than four hours. Those who have smell sensitivity would find it highly useful, as it doesn’t have any kind of strong smell.

Final Words

Mosquitoes or any kind of insects are good for nature but not for humans. As they transmit the diseases, many of the people in third-world countries suffer from the same. That’s why it’s better to take all precautions to avoid mosquito bites. With these homemade mosquito repellants, you can stay safe from the mosquitoes and the insects that will cause irritation and diseases.…

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Fun And Creative Ways To Add Texts To Fabrics

There are a remarkable number of ways to feature text to cloth. Some techniques are straightforward, even as others require numerous substances and greater time. The method you select is a matter of personal preference and will typically be based at the end result you’re seeking to attain. Underneath, i’ll describe 9 ways to jot down on cloth so you can decide which technique(s) works first-rate for you.

Creative ways to add texts to your fabric

Heat transfer to your paper

This is a short and smooth manner to iron a broadcast photograph at once onto fabric. To obtain this effect, you’ll usually want to print the design’s reflect photograph onto warmness switch paper with an inkjet printer. However, you’ll want to consult the manufacturer’s commands on your particular paper. (In this example, we used Silhouettes Printable warmness switch fabric for mild fabrics.) Next, reduce across the object(s) as near the ink as possible. Then, press down at the photograph with a warm iron earlier than peeling off the backing.

Using fabric

Another one of the fun approaches to add texts to fabric is puffy textile paints. These paints are clean to apply as they come in tubes with pointed pointers. The use of them may also be like writing with a pen. What makes them fun is that they stay embossed when they dry. These merchandise are available in a laugh vibrant and even neon colours every so often with glitters even. In case you are accurate at calligraphy and have a regular hand, then you can use material markers. It comes in many colours and will live on fabric even after washed. Just ensure that you make your fabric consistent so it won’t flow as write on it.

Ironing the texts on your fabric

It doesn’t get tons less complicated than ironing a precut appliqué letter onto fabric. Simply vicinity the appliqué proper aspect up at the fabric’s proper aspect withinside the preferred location. Cover the appliqué with a press fabric and press the letter with a hot, dry iron. Note that instructions for this method vary, so make sure to consult the manufacturer’s commands on your particular appliqué.

Posting all the pre cut letters

It is one such way through which you can put the letters on your fabric as well. If you post all the cut out letters on your fabric then it will help you accordingly. There are some similar aspects which you can use accordingly. Cover the letter on the cloth which you want to press and then apply the heat directly to it. Once you have applied the cut out on your fabric, make sure that you are pressing it hard or else the cut out wont form a basic impression. Right from there, you need to press it with both your and then keep it for about 15-20 minutes then it will help the fabric to be directly pressed to your text or the cut out.

Selection of buttons on your fabric

This selection is greater time-consuming than the remaining, however it’s much more exciting and amusing to create. To start, pick out a button length and form that works quality in your venture. Use an embroidery hoop to maintain the fabric taut. Then, plan out the orientation. Double-thread a hand-stitching needle and start stitching the design, one button at a time. Earlier than you begin sewing with brother sewing machines, bear in mind lightly sketching the layout on the cloth’s proper side with a pencil or water-soluble marker to keep the buttons well aligned always.

Time to add some sequins

Writing with sequins is a high-quality way to add sparkle to what could have been a bland task. Start with the aid of choosing a sequin length and form that works great for your task. Subsequent, use an embroidery hoop to keep the material taut. Now, it’s time to devise the way you’d like to orient the sequins. If favored, gently draw the design at the fabric’s right side with a pencil or water-soluble marker. Eventually, double-thread a hand-stitching needle and begin sewing the layout, one sequin at a time.


These are some basic routes through which you can add text to your sewing techniques right now. Once you have a clear judgment of how it goes, it will help you to get a proper idea and right from there, it will help you accordingly to know where you can add and what way you can make your fabric look great again.…

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Electric Kettle Advantaged & Disadvantages

An electric kettle is an electronic appliance used for heating any liquid such as water or tea. It is a smart and faster way to do your boiling work without even any hassle of utensils. There are various kinds of electric kettles available in the market, depending upon the price you will pay.

One of the most important things by looking for best electric kettle is its capacity and the materials. There might be a reason one might be confused if it is a good purchase or not, so we are here to tell you some advantages and disadvantages of buying an electric kettle.


1. Electric kettle helps you to boil your water instantly without any hassle of utensils. It can be used easily through its electronic plate. It comes with various designs and capacities. If you are a student and don’t own a home and live in a hostel, this might be an excellent purchase for you because it can help you boil water quickly.

2. Electric kettle comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it easier to use and carry around. Various brands use transparent materials on it that makes it attractive even as a centerpiece object. The design helps it to store more water efficiently.

3. It’s easy to use feature gets it to various shopping carts. It comes with a handle and looks like a jug—a jug that can heat up instantly and by itself.

4. Electric kettle comes with an attractive design, which can also be an advantage point towards its purchase because it can make your kitchen look more professional and elegant.

5. Electric kettle comes with multiple usages, such as making tea or soup. There are various other ways you can cook in it, but we won’t recommend cooking those.

7. Electric kettle also comes with various handy features such as automated on and off switch. Let’s suppose you forget to switch it off. There is no need to worry because multiple companies provide you with an automatic feature that will switch the electric kettle off over a pointed temperature.


1. If you are buying and cheap quality electric kettle, we want to suggest its cheaper material and careless design. The electric kettle has direct connectivity between water and electricity, and these both are some of the most dangerous things one might even think.

2. Electric kettle requires connectivity with electricity, which means you cannot use it on your trips or a place without electricity. It requires a constant electrical supply.

3. Electric kettles are more comfortable to use but are also easier to catch fire, so one should be careful while using one.


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Temple Run Vs Subway Surfers – Best Running Game?

There are a number of games on mobile phones, which can be downloaded from Play Store and other websites. These games are designed only for fun. They did not require any experience and skills to play these games. These games are easy to play by just guiding your character to be safe from obstacles. For example, Subway surfers, temple run etc. These games are quite similar to each other. How far you run, the more you score. So, let’s talk about games review of temple run and Subway surfers.

All About Temple Run Game:

Firstly, we will talk about the game review of temple run. Basically, this is a fun game. In this game your character is chased by Gorilla and some obstacles will come in your path. You have to avoid that obstacle otherwise you will be captured from Gorilla. You can find it in the Play Store. This game has been reviewed 4.2 stars in the Play Store. This is a very interesting and adventurous game. 

  • Beautiful sights

It has amazing graphics. The best part of this game is that the atmosphere changes randomly. One moment you see a random surface then another moment you see a dusty surface. It makes it more interesting to play. There are some special moves to avoid the obstacles such as sliding down, jumping, moving left or moving right. Different-Different sceneries will come. As you keep running like stunning water effect, cloudy effect, in Jungle etc.  You will see a clear path but suddenly a tree comes to capture you. Then suddenly you have to give some reaction to this action. These opticals will come level by level to you. You will see beautiful sights like everything is covered by ice and you are running on frozen surface. you will see a different-different world. Every world has their different way to stop you. This makes it quite interesting to its player.

  • Design

Let’s talk about the design of the game. By moving left or right, sliding down, jumping to avoid obstacles. Everything is taken care of to make a dynamic world. The game will force you to do different things according to the obstacles that come around you. As you run far then it increases the running speed with time and everything will come fast to stop you. It makes it harder to play. It’s not easy to run over a bridge. You have to hold your device according to the requirement because sometimes bridges are broken from one side. You have to slide down from broken trees, fire tab etc. And jump from fire tab, rivers, stones, woods, broken path etc. If you stumbled then it slows down your speed and gives a chance to ape to come closer to you. One obstacle you can avoid in different ways. Temple run gives you different-different types for mode of transportation like hanging in the rope, traveling on mine cart, snowboard etc. However, it will not affect the way you play the game. It becomes quite harder to see things, when you are running at 60 miles/hour. You will get some interesting power ups such as boosts, shield, magnet etc. There are some coins to collect while running. Shield will help you to go through obstacles and magnet will help you to collect coins.

How Subway Surfers Is Better?

This same is quite similar to temple run but this time you have to run on Subway tracks. As long as you run that will be your high score. This is an endless game. In this game, as obstacles you will find trains, barriers etc. There are three tracks in which you have to run and avoid obstacles. You can move left or right, slide around, jump etc to avoid obstacles but you always have to run. During running, collect some Power ups to boost your score like if you get jetpack. it will help you to fly over tracks and collect coins without any obstacles or if you get coin magnet then it will attract all the coins around you. If you get sneakers then it helps you to high jump. There are some missions to complete, which will help you to get coins and many other rewards. The most interesting thing in this game is the hoverboard. If you are riding on a hoverboard and you suddenly get stuck with any obstacles then it gives you a new life. There are some keys to collect, if you are caught by guard then by using keys you will get another chance to run on track. It’s very hard to get keys, but you can have lakhs of keys by using mod of Subway Surfers. Everything is colourful in this game. So that you can see obstacles easily. As you run longer, your speed will increase with time. It becomes difficult to play games. You can also upgrade your power ups from coins. So that they can work for more time. It is upgraded by coins, you can also buy these coins by real money. Otherwise, you can collect coins while playing games.

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