Difference between Learning and Studying

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ is a very famous saying quoted by one of the great and well-known scientists Sir Albert Einstein. He has been always treated as an epitome of knowledge and learning. Studying and learning are two different words, closely related to each other but having two unique meanings and they are used accordingly.

What is Studying and Learning?

Both the words, Studying and Learning sounds the same and often they are used interchangeably in daily life. But both the words have a different and distinct meaning. Everyone must have studied Mathematics but only some of them should have learnt to drive all the formulas to ensure the correct result. Everyone can study Mathematics but only some of them can be called Mathematician. The literal meaning of Studying is to read, write and memorize something or about any topic but word learning means to acquire knowledge regarding any particular topic or theme.

Here, studying and learning both are a part which helps a person in the field of education.

Similarities between Studying and Learning

It is important to study things in order to gain knowledge. There are some similarities between Studying and Learning. They are listed and elucidated below:-

  1. Knowledge:- Either you study something or learn a lesson, both the words are associated with education and their destination is to attain full-fledged knowledge.
  2. Understanding:- Learning and studying develop a feeling of understanding.
  3. Education:- Both words are two pillars of education. Without any single word, education is incomplete.
  4. Personality-building:- Education is the only way to enhance the personality of a person. Knowledge makes an individual more attractive and centre of attention.
  5. Pragmatism:- Both the pillars of education makes a person practical in their life. Practical nature helps an individual to understand situations properly and deeply.

Why Different?

Even after having so many similarities both the words, Learning and Studying are different from each other in their own way. Some of their dissimilarities are mentioned and elaborated below:-

  1. The basic difference begins from the literal meaning of both the words. Learning stands for obtaining knowledge, on the other hand, studying refers to read, write and memorize.
  2. Studying is the process whereas learning is the ultimate destination.
  3. The study requires full concentration for memorizing a particular topic, on the other hand, to learn a topic one needs to completely devote time.
  4. The word ‘study’ is often used in an academic perspective whereas the word ‘learn’ is often used in skill-based perspective.

Grammatical usage of Learning and Studying

The above-given basic and literal nature and meaning respectively give a clear image of both the words I.e. Studying and Learning. Listed below are some grammatical usage of both the words. Here are some examples:-

1) I learnt about computers by reading a book.

2) I studied Political Science in college.

3)Students who spend some time each day studying will do well on tests.

4)The children learned several facts about planets in class this week.

5) I study every day so that I can pass in my semester exams with flying colours.

6) She has joined the driving school to learn how to drive a car.

7) I have to study otherwise I’ll fail this semester.

8) My ardent desire is to learn how to cook delicious food.

9) I wanted to study commerce but my parents forced me to study science.

10) I have learnt all the formulas of mathematics so that I can apply it on problems and solve them easily.

Importance of Education

It’s a very famous saying that a room without books is equivalent to a man without a soul. Education is an indispensable part of a human being. It facilitates quality learning all through life. Education is the only way to achieve victory and solve the personal as well as social problems. It positively changes the life of an individual as it is constructive in nature. It helps a person to get knowledge and improve confidence level all through life. It plays a great role in our career growth as well as in personal growth. It has no limitation; people of any age group can get an education. An educated citizen is the epitome of a good citizen in the society.

Education is the basic and natural right of an individual. It is above any disparity prevailing in society. Nobody can be discriminated on the basis of caste, colour, creed, gender. Education should be equal for all. There’s a proverb that ‘pen is mightier than the sword’, it means that unlike the sword, the pen has the power to change the world without causing any destruction. An educated person is always respected in society. Education does not only help in personal growth but also helps in social and economic growth.

Hence, the difference between learning and studying is very understandable now. From the literal meaning of both the words to a differing perspective, everything is clear. The study is the process whereas learning is the conclusion. To learn something one has to study whole-heartedly with full concentration and devotion. Education is that important part of human life which one cannot neglect. Learning and studying both the process is very important to gain knowledge. One should always study to learn something new. Learning and studying can never ever go in vain. And above all, both the interchangeable yet different terms lead to the common path towards education.…

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