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Please Submit your Horror Comics today for 2017 Ghastly Award Consideration!

2017 Submissions are being accepted until Dec. 31, 2017!

Hello everyone! We need your Horror Comics for Consideration!

So what can you submit?
If you book came out in 2017 it is eligible to be submitted. It's that simple! We just have a few things that we want to make you aware of depending on what category your book falls into:

Ongoing Titles: Please try to send us a full arc for consideration, title must have released more than 4 issues in the calendar year.

• Limited Series: The series needs to have ended in 2017, otherwise it is only considered for Creator Categories.

• One Shot: It's one and done, so send it in.

• Anthology: If it has 3 stories or more it will be considered for Anthology. We also consider titles that have a different story in each issue to be an anthology.

• OGN: If it has 52 or more pages and is self contained it will be considered.

• Archival: Is it a collection of material that was released prior to 2012? If so it will be considered.
(Archival does not fall under any other Categories, as it is previously published work)

• Short Story: All short stories in submitted Anthologies will be considered. You may also submit a short story that ran in a non-horror publication.

• Cover: All books submitted will be considered for Best Cover, but if you would like us to consider variants please send them to us as well.

• All Creator Categories: All Creators on all books submitted will be considered.

So how can you submit?
All you need to do to submit your Horror Comics for consideration is send them to us at We accept PDF, CBR and CBZ files. If you want to send hard copies you can, but the Judges are all over the United States and Canada. We just want to make it easier, and cheaper, for you.

For more info on how to submit please go to

When will Nominees be announced?
Nominees for the 2016 Awards will be announced February 1, 2017.

How do I contact the Ghastly Awards with questions?
Need to contact us? No problem at all, send us an email at

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