The 2014 Ghastly Award Winners

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The Ghastly Award Judges are proud to announce the Winners of the 2014 Ghastly Awards. The Ghastly Award Judges chose the Nominees from the books submitted by Comic Creators and Publishers throughout 2014. Winners were voted on by the Judges, Comic Book Creators, Publishers and the Fans. The Ghastly Judicial Panel congratulates all 2014 Winners and Nominees. It is an honor to be recognized by your fellow professionals for such outstanding work in horror comics.

The 2014 Winners are:

Best Ongoing Title
Rachel Rising
(Abstract Studios)

Best Limited Series
Deadworld: Restoration
(IDW Publishing)

Best One-Shot
Edgar Allan Poe’s Morella and the Murders in the Rue Morgue
(Dark Horse Comics) 

Best Anthology
In the Dark
(Tiny Behemoth Press / IDW Publishing)

Best Short Story in an Anthology
Beneath the Surface
(Blokes Terrible Tomb of Terror #10)

Best OGN
Monsters & Other Stories
(Dark Horse Comics)

Best Archival Collection
Collection of previously released material / Historical Book on Horror Comics
The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics: The Worst of Eerie Publications
(IDW Publishing/Yoe Books)

Best Writer
Terry Moore
(Rachel Rising)

Best Artist
Francesco Francavilla 
 (Afterlife with Archie)

Best Inker
Mike Wolfer/Dan Parsons
(The Curse of Ragdoll)

Best Letterer
Terry Moore
(Rachel Rising)

Best Colorist
Jay Fotos
('68 Rule of War, '68 Homefront, Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland)

Best Web Comic
Graveyard Gang

Best Horror Comic Cover
Fan voting determined the Winner
'68 Rule of War #1
(Artist Nat Jones)

Hall of Fame Inductees
Al Hewetson
Jack Davis

Normanton Award Honoree
Presented for their commitment to carrying on the legacy of Horror Comics for generations to come.
Peter Normanton

Named for acclaimed comics creator "Ghastly" Graham Ingels, the Awards are in their 4th year. Created to honor excellence in Horror Comics, Comic Creators and Publishers can submit their books for nomination consideration throughout the calendar year. The top five nominees in each category will be chosen by the Judges, and will then be voted on by the Judges, Creators, Publishers and Fans to decide the winners.

We thank everyone who took the time to vote in the 2014 Awards. The submission process is now open for the 2015 Awards!

We congratulate all of the Winners and Nominees for what they bring to the comic reading community. To be nominated is an honor and the Ghastly Awards are here to celebrate your achievements.
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