Ghastly Awards - May 2013 Update

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Horror comics are becoming more and more frequent in our reading culture, and the Ghastly Awards are here to recognize, through Horror Comic submissions, those that shine the brightest. We encourage all Comic Creators to take the time to head over to and submit your work for 2013 Ghastly Award Nomination consideration.
Creators please remember that you can submit your Horror Comic work through out the calendar year! For the month of May 2013 the judges are recommending you take a look at: 

Ten Grand #1 (Image Comics) - Would you strike a deal with an angel if it meant you could see the love of your life again, but only for 5 minutes? In J. Michael Straczynski's Ten Grand Joe is given that choice, but when you deal with an angel it always comes with a price. A revamping of the horror world spun into a great gritty supernatural noir with an engaging story and art by Ben Templesmith that makes you feel like you are in the story. This comic is one you can place your bets on because Ten Grand just might be worth every penny. - Spaced (

The Fall of the House of Usher #1 (Dark Horse) - Richard Corben has taken an often-told tale and breathed refreshing new life into it, due to two main reasons. One, instead of a straight retelling of Poe’s classic story, he’s also added elements of another Poe tale, “The Oval Portrait”, allowing for interesting variations. Second, his unique art style - which perfectly mixes beauty with the grotesque - turns every panel into a visual feast, the highlight being the house itself which simply oozes decay and corruption. Stunning work from one of the best horror artists currently on the market. – Pedro Cabezuelo (

The Eighth Seal #2 (Thrillbent) - Things are getting shaky for the First Lady, and I'm not talking aphids in the rose garden. When we last saw her, she was trying to keep the horrible, violent images out of her brain with the help of shrink extraordinare Dr. West. But now it looks like these visions are starting to literally break through to her real life. And the monster she sees seems to have a taste for her husband, with the teaser image for issue #3 really kicking things into high gear. If you’re not reading this, you really should. And spring for the Comixology version; the concept art is a great way to see how this comic merges Western pencils and old school horror Manga. - Denise Dutton (

Freaks' Amour Volume/TPB (Dark Horse) - Based on the novel by Tom De Haven, this collection of Freaks' Amour comics, prose, and cover art takes an "apocalypse" to a whole new level of fear. Able-bodied/minded freaks and mutants invoke a different kind of terror than, say, zombies or crazed, disease infected cannibals. There is always a sense that you can deceive or outsmart a zombie. Not in Freaks' Amour. No. These are intelligent mutants that won't be fooled so easily. And although these titular Freaks are relatively harmless, the looming threat that something may set one of them off is enough to keep you on your toes. The real terror hidden within the pages of Freaks, is borne out of disgust. They live a disgusting existence; selling their mutant characteristics to casual observers for entertainment, mutant drug use, mutant sex... It's very disturbing yet disturbingly well done. Having read many De Haven works, I can confidently say this comic endeavor is a Tour de Force. And it's set in New Jersey. So there's that. – Bree Ogden (

False Positive ( - Mike Walton's self proclaimed "horror stew" serves up a wonderfully wild and monstrously macabre assortment of original webcomic terror, uniquely written and illustrated and presented in separate anthology style story chapters. All of it definitely fits into the realm of "horror" with some stories welcomely touching upon S/F, detective, fantasy etc. Violent, icky, alien, sexy, creepy, and always interesting and scary, Walton's influences pull heavily from the pre code horror tales of the 50's as well as the Warren magazines of the 60's and 70's, +heavy doses of Poe and Lovecraft-- but with plenty of Walton's spicy originality mixed in to clearly give it its own voice and vision. – Steve Banes (

The Haunting of Fabian Gray #2 (Image) -  I. Love. This. Book. I haven't been this stoked for a comic for years. The reason I love Five Ghosts so much is that Frank J. Barbiere and Chris Mooneyham are telling a story that you could not possibly be anywhere other than in a comic book. They take full advantage of medium, making every page a true pleasure to read. If you're not reading Five Ghosts, you're doing it wrong.  – Lonnie Nadler (

FUBAR: Free Comic Book Day 2013 (Fubar Press) - Free comic book day got a real kick in the ass this year with a new offering by the folks at Fubar! This horror/ war hybrid keeps going from strength to strength with crisp, exciting stories and solid artwork done in various styles. My favorite this time around is "Vally Forge" by Shawn Aldridge and Chris Peterson; the story of ol' General George combating a zombie hoard. Good anthology books are few and far between, but the Fubar gang continues to get consistantly high marks. This title should be at the very top of every serious horror fans pick list! - Mike Howlett ( 

Helheim #3 (Oni) - Back to the action! This issue definitely picked up the pace and got my blood pumping again. Where the previous issue was a lot of setup, this one comes through with the delivery. Battles, bloodshed, savagery, and severed heads offer a feast for the eyes. To balance that, we are introduced to the smart and compassionate young girl, Kadlin, who takes kindly to our hulking draugr, and strikes up a very interesting companionship. Cullen Bunn’s writing is as sharp as we’ve come to expect, and Joelle Jones’s art delivers a delicious dish of macabre morsels and melancholy mood. Highly recommended! -  Rachel Deering (

B.P.R.D. #107 (Dark Horse) - I've never been a big fan of the "Hellboy'verse" because I was so late to the party, and everything was always done in mini's (which turned out to just be arcs). Anyways that is all nonsense now because this issue was awesome. While the only cast I really know are those I recognize from the movies, it didn't seem to really matter with this issue. Brilliant visuals by Campbell make this one eye pleasing issue, but it really is driven by the story. Safe enough to jump in on, trust me I know, and more then enough to have you hooked. It really reminded me of The Fog (the newer version) because of it's depressing, see nothing good coming tone. Overall great issue and who knows, this might be what it takes to finally get me on the B.P.R.D. train... CHOO CHOO!!!!!!  - Decapitated Dan (

Creators and Publishers please make sure to go over to to submit your books for 2013 Nomination consideration! More informaiton on how the submission process works can be found here

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