Ghastly Awards - October 2012 Update

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Horror comics are becoming more and more frequent in our reading culture, and the Ghastly Awards are here to recognize, through peer nominations, those that shine the brightest. As a matter of fact so far this year, this entire list of titles (and some self published books) have already come out. We encourage all Comic Creators to take the time to head over to and nominate those who you think are the best so far in your eyes.
Creators please remember that you can nominate up to 5 times throughout the year, so make your voice heard! For the month of October 2012 the judges are recommending you take a look at:

Ex Sanguine #1 (Dark Horse) -  One of the most striking things about Ex Sanguine is the cover art by Tim Seeley and Dave Stewart and you know what they always say don't judge a (comic) book by its cover. But, this is the exception to that rule because you can judge this book by its cover, which means this is a great comic. Seeley and Joshua Scott Emmons tell the story of Saul Adams a vampire that likes things a certain way almost to a fault. When the FBI comes knocking on his door asking questions about a disappearance Saul's years of daily routine will now be thrown into chaos. With the bodies piling up and everyone is not who they seem to be, Saul's journey is one you will want to take regardless of the consequences - Spaced (

Ferals #9 (Avatar): I wish I could have seen Avatar's Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath before these pics went up, but as it's Avatar's Halloween present to folks we'll just see how things go in November, hmm?  'Til then I have another Avatar title I liked above many others (well, IDW's TransFusion blew me away as it did with Steve), Ferals #9.  Does it kinda feel like an issue of TWD where nothing really happens?  Yes.  But it sets up the future storyline nicely, and I do love me some mythology.  Werewolf politics!  The Code!  A jerk that could be Ferals' The Governor!  And all the usual Avatar gore!  I'm looking forward to seeing how they use this new turn of events in future issues. - Denise Dutton
The Pound: Ghouls Night Out #2 (IDW): I'm a sucker for a good play on words, and IDW's new 4-issue comic had me at Ghouls Night Out. In present day, a covert ops agency called The Pound is out to clear the streets of Cleveland of werewolves, vamps, ghouls and the like. Sounds a bit cliché until you discover that the ghouls had made a pact with the U.S. government after the attacks on Pearl Harbor, and have been saving lives, kicking ass, and breaking necks ever since. Now The Pound is faced with changing their modus operandi or face destroying the delicate war pact between the U.S. government and the homo monstrums (my new personal favorite term for monsters). The action really starts to pick up in the final pages of issue #2, but the clever nuances weave throughout--starting in the very first pages of issue #1 when the real life Swamp Thing is insulted in a movie rental store because some teen would rather watch Cut: Eight (a jab at the Saw franchise, no doubt) instead of a "dude in a rubber suit." The Pound is clever, witty, and resourceful of horror's vast pool of monsters. The characters are fresh and most importantly, the vamps look more like Templesmith's than Stephenie Meyer's. – Bree Ogden (

Transfusion: Vampire Vs. Robots #1 (IDW):  A devastating war leaves the world scorched and overrun with killer robots-- giant, alien mechas fueled on blood and meat! This of course doesn't sit well with a surviving race of vicious vampires out to protect their precious, terrified commodity-- mankind! A perfectly stark, original concept from reliable Steve Niles, given an appropriately dreary, gore-soaked atmospheric visual style from Menton3. – Steve Banes (

Fashion Beast #2 (Avatar): The original incarnation of "Fashion Beast" was a screenplay written by Alan Moore in the 80s, about the same time he was developing "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta". Though the screenplay was finished in 1985, it was never filmed. Almost 3 decade later, the story is being adapted by Anthony Johnson and artist Facundo Percio for a ten-issue series. "Fashion Beast" is a twistedly dark, gender-bender retelling of the Disney classic, "Beauty and the Beast". While it is not a straight up horror comic, the tarot cards, the derelict cityscape, and the hideously deformed fashion designer combine for a disconcerting take on one of my favorite Disney films. Moore is a master of unease and grit, and it's a real treat to enter the deformed world that is "Fashion Beast", a world we may not have otherwise seen without this adaptation.  – Lonnie Nadler (

The Creep #2 (Dark Horse Comics):   Oxel "The Creep" continues his investigation into the suicides of two teen boys. Like Oxel, the reader is beginning to formulate theories, but there's a strong sense that all is not what it appears to be. There's a palpable sense of despair permeating this book stemming from the atmospheric and muted artwork by Jonathan Case and the excellent characterization from writer John Arcudi. From Oxel's personal demons, to the torment felt by those who knew the dead boys, the reader is sucked into a story both disturbing and eminently captivating. – Pedro Cabezuelo (

Haunted Horror #1 (IDW- Yoe Books): Finally, a new comic book that is relevant to my interests! Craig Yoe and Steve Banes (of Yoe Book's ZOMBIES fame) team up to bring you the best new comic on the stands!!  Juicy Pre-Code Horror at its most depraved, spruced up and looking better than it did in the early Fifties! Stories culled from Weird Terror, Baffling Mysteries and others, this is a horror nerd's wet dream! If you're unfamiliar with horror comics from before the Code, this is a great place to start! See what the fuss is all about! I can't recommend it highly enough!- Mike Howlett (

Bedlam #1 (Image Comics): OH… MY… (Insert deity of your choice here)!!! This book was everything I could have wanted, multiplied by 6,386,513.234 and then just keep adding on 10 more for every second for the rest of your life! I honestly can’t even think of where to begin describing how great this issue was. First of all it is a steal for only $3.50 because it has 48 pages, so make sure to pack a lunch when you sit down to read this one, because it is going to take some time.In #1 I had no idea what is coming, and I really didn’t care because I knew it was going to be good. I will on this book like white on rice because the concept is great and the execution is even better. Lets all raise a glass and give 3 cheers to Riley and Nick for bringing this to our comic reading eyes! - Decapitated Dan (

So we ask all comic book creators, what are you enjoying? Make sure to go over to to nominate your favorites for 2012! Curious as to what has come out so far this year? We keep a list of all the amazing horror comics and you can find it here: List of 2012 Horror Comics

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