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It is with saddness and joy that I am writing you this Ghastly Award email. First of all we lost Ghastly Award Judge Mykal Banta. The other judges and myself think that it was Judge Steve Banes that pushed him into a well, but sadly things came up and Mykal had to step away. So we wish him well and thank him for all the he did to help get the Awards started last year.

Now enough of that sad stuff, because we have gone out and brought in 4 new Judges for the 2012 Awards! I can tell you that is is not easy to find the perfect people out there, but we sure tried our best to get the best. So without furthur stalling let me introduce you to the new judges:

Pedro Cabezuelo -
Pedro Cabezuelo lives in Toronto, Canada and has been collecting comics for well over 30 years although it wasn't until he read Alan Moore's groundbreaking Swamp Thing run in the mid-80s that he realized how much fun horror could be. Since then he's immersed himself in comics, books, toys, movies and television programs dealing with the macabre. A PR professional by day, at night he exorcises his inner demons by writing the monthly comics column for Rue Morgue Magazine, a post he's inhabited - on and off and on again - since the magazine's launch in 1997.

Denise Dutton -
Denise Kitashima Dutton is a horror fan that has been reviewing books and movies for various websites, including Geek for e, Green Man Review, Sleeping Hedgehog and Atomic Popcorn.  You can find links to all her reviews at Atomic Fangirl, where she does a yearly "31 in 31" horror movie countdown every October.  Denise doesn't like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain.

Belinda "Spaced" McNeill -
It all started with a girl going for a midnight swim and being attacked by a great white shark that sparked Spaced's love of horror. When she is not busy convincing people that the horror genre is more than just slasher and zombies movies she is part of the Nerd Girls Eye View on where she dispenses horror news, reviews and custom recommendations for horror beginners. She is currently preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse with a smile on her face.

Bree Ogden -
Bree is a literary agent, graphic novel instructor, beekeeper, and bearded-lady tamer. She co-founded, curates, and edits the darkly macabre and often times sickeningly disgusting children’s magazine Underneath The Juniper Tree. When she is not curropting her nieces and nephews with horror films well before their time, she’s convincing the neighborhood children that yes, monsters do exist, and yes, they will chow you in your sleep.

Please help us welcome them with open arms and tentacles! We are proud to have them on board to honor Excellence in Horror Comics!

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